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Head of Social Economic Research Department
Socio-economic challenges of our time require from entrepreneurs continuous professional development and the development of new competencies. Lifelong Learning is a new educational paradigm.
Deputy CEO
In the digital era people have more threats related to the unethical and unlawful use of their personal information, including personal data. Despite the responsibility of the state and private data operators, a person has a major role in ensuring information security.
Deputy CEO
Choosing a way to invest, it’s necessary to take into account both factors - profitability and reliability of investments. If your own knowledge is not enough to estimate risks, you should contact financial advisors for information.
Successful digital business transformation consists of many factors: implementation of digital technologies, new tools for building business processes and protecting information. One of the most important aspects is creation of a special corporate culture dedicated to development of new technologies in the company.
Deputy CEO
Over the past year, the tourist activity of Russians has grown, and we expect the trend is to strengthen in the near future. On the one hand, economic difficulties limit household spending on holidays, especially on foreign travels.
Deputy CEO
Several factors reduce the level of loyalty to banks today. Firstly, macroeconomic aspects and regulatory policies led to more restrained marketing activity of banks. Secondly, another reason is the consequences of license revocation. “Forced loyalty” has intensified, it’s the situation when a client prefers not the brand, product or service, but the factor of state participation.

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