NAFI— an independent, multi-disciplinary think tank, founded in 2006.

We specialize in studying public opinion (sociology), business climate (economy) and consumer behaviour (marketing), as well as in analysing statistics, macroeconomic data and public information. 

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NAFI’s industry-specific research spans across seven key sectors, each of which is researched by a team of social scientists and analysts working under the guidance of an experienced market expert and an academic advisor.


NAFI is a certified member of ESOMAR, MSPA and АМКО. NAFI’s research findings are frequently cited by government agencies, NGOs, in the corporate sector and by the media. The NAFI team is made up of highly qualified and experienced research professionals.


  • For the financial market and socioeconomics: the Ministry of Finance of the RF, the Central Bank, major banks and insurance, investment and consulting companies   
  • For the construction and real estate market: PIK Group, Hals Development, Pioneer Group and other major developers 
  • For IT and Telecom: Rostelecom, SAP, MTT 
  • In the field of entrepreneurial climate: OPORA Russia, Moscow Economic Development Department, Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow

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To each client we offer an individual research product. We offer different research formats: custom research, omnibus type research, participation in syndicated projects.  

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international.png Geography

NAFI’s research geography extends from Russia and CIS to Eastern Europe. Each year, in collaboration with our international partners, we conduct comparative studies dedicated to the most relevant issues of behavioural public economics.

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lightbulb.png Team

The NAFI team is made up of qualified and experienced research professionals. Heads of research directions regularly participate in public events and give comments to mass media. We encourage our colleagues to take part in business conferences, academic events and educational internships. Dozens of graduate and undergraduate students undergo their internship with NAFI each year. 

megaphone.pngInformation Policy

Once a month we prepare a compilation of published results of surveys and a review of statistics on sectors that are relevant to us. Industry reviews can be found in the Analytics section. 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. 

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