Irina Hildebrandt


Head of Social and Economic Research Projects



• Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Faculty of Sociology. Specialty: Sociology of management. (Bachelor 2011-2015)
• Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU), Institute of International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences. Specialty: Sociology of communication systems. (Master 2015-2017)
• Politics and Economics of International Energy, SciencePo (2018)


• Specialist in the field of socio-economic and marketing research with extensive experience in implementing projects in international commercial and government research organizations  
• Organization of a full cycle of sociological and marketing research
• Data analysis and preparation of analytical reports, presentations  
• Public performance  
• Experience in using research methodologies and tools: brand health, market segmentation, brand switching strategy, analysis of advertising campaigns, Customer journey map, NPS, CSI, Affectiva Media Analytics, BrandZ™, Link™, Link™ for Digital etc. 

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