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Russians Self-Assess Their Financial Literacy Level Higher
14 November 2018
 Compared to last year, Russians began to rate their level of financial literacy higher. More families began to keep monthly records of expenses and incomes and to compare financial services that different organizations offered. 
Russian market of financial services: social studies, statistics and publications. №6(10), June 2017
23 August 2017
In epoch of global digitalization and hi-tech developments, there appear newer and more modern services and products on the financial service market. Process automation, switchover to distance service channels and assimilation of experience from developed economies promote the situation when financial institutes in Russia implement their new services very quickly and in many cases without reference to ultimate consumer.
Russian banking in the 1st half of 2016: social studies, statistics and publications. №1, September 2016
29 September 2016
In the first half of 2016, economy contracted a “broad front” and the fall affected all sectors. Despite of the contradictory indicators and prospects of the economic situation in the whole country, the situation in the banking sector inspires a cautious hopefulness. According to the second quarter of 2016, the banking sector became more profitable even without the data of Sberbank Russia. Net profit of the sector for the specified period draw up about 54 milliard rubles, despite the fact that the part of the food market segments shows a steady growth, while other continue the fall. 


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