Women Business Index (WBI), 5h wave

with support of Committee for Women's Entrepreneurship Development of OPORA RUSSIA and BANK URALSIB

Objective of project


  • Determination of dynamics and perspective for development of female entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation based on the Women Business Index (WBI)
  • Identification of female entrepreneurs’ needs in mentoring of more experienced colleagues, as well as their intention to become mentors
  • Assessment of women business readiness for transition to digital economy


OPORA RUSSIA, Committee for Women's Entrepreneurship Development encourages women's entrepreneurship through promotion and implementation of effective support mechanisms aimed to develop existing and create new projects by women entrepreneurs.

The Committee was established within the framework of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business OPORA RUSSIA on March 3, 2015.

BANK URALSIB (General Banking License No. 30 issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on September 10, 2015) is one of the leading Russian banks, providing a range of banking products and services to retail and corporate customers. The main activities of the Bank are retail, corporate finance and investment banking.

Research methods


The All-Russian survey was conducted in August-September 2018. 600 women and 400 managers of enterprises were interviewed in 8 federal districts.



Women Business Index (WBI) in the third quarter of 2018 reached 69.4 percentage points.

The Index has grown by 13 percentage points since the start of the study in 2015. The Women Business Index demonstrates sustainability, in 2018 WBI exceeds the previous year's figure by 0.2 percentage points (69.2 percentage points in 2017).


The Entrepreneurial Culture (81.3 p.p.) and Personal Qualities (76.3 p.p.) subindexes had the highest values. 

The most positive sub-indexes are “Entrepreneurial Culture” (81.3 p.p.) and “Personal Qualities” (76.3 p.p.). The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem subindex stood at the lowest value (63.2 p.p.). 

Mentor request

Women are interested in topics related to legislation and tax field, business experience in different areas, competition, promotion on the market, investment attraction, financing, loans and government support.


Digital Economy Readiness Index For Women Entrepreneurs 

Digital Economy Readiness Index among women entrepreneurs reaches 45 percentage points (out of 100 p.p.). Women business engages actively in digital transformation, while there is a lack of attention to protection and security of data and skills of employees in the field of digital technologies.

The highest rates are marked in development of channels of transmission and storage of information (59 p.p.), use of the Internet (56 p.p.), and integration of digital technology (54 p.p.). At the same time such sub-indexes as information security (37 p.p.) and digital security training of employees (18 p.p.) are still quite low. 


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